Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas! And hello again, Arizona (almost)!

Merry Christmas!
(Or a very happy and joyful whatever-you-celebrate at this time of year!)


Rick and I just wanted to wish you all a very wonderful Season, and say that we wish you an amazing and awesome New Year. May the Spirit of this Season be breathed into your New Year, and may you experience that feeling throughout your 2014.

As for our New Year, on January 1st or 2nd we will be placing our trust in God and Betty Lou and heading back out on the road. Our destination? Home. Yep. Arizona, here we come again! :-)

Much, much love from

Rick, Sandi, Jazz, Leelu, and Mimzy!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm back, finally!

I'm back, finally!!

Due to massive failure of all of my electronic equipment at once, I've been pretty much offline for over a month! So happy to be back up and running and able to get on with it! My equipment failed right after the interview featured below with a young lady who was a WONDERFUL guest. 

I'm very happy to finally be able to post the recording, which you will find below.

I'll be getting the show back up and running in January 2014 after Rick and I get back to Phoenix, so please stay tuned!

Friday October 25, 2013

Just click the play button, and enjoy!

Professional Singer, Actress, Song Writer, Motivational Speaker...Dream LIVER!!

Lindsey Papion, a butterfly in flight, is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Thespian. She is Classical, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, and R&B. Lindsey is the TRUE definition of an ARTIST. 

Lindsey's diverse musical talents include: Opera, Soul, Rock, and R&B. Most recently, Lindsey was invited by the composer to participate in the premiere of Leavitt's Requiem along with the NYC Master Chorale in Paris, France. She has also performed music from her current project 78Special:The Mixtape to packed audiences in Europe. This butterfly is flying high, so grab a hold now!

Lindsey had the distinct honor of singing for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. This butterfly songstress made her international debut while appearing on NBC's Clash of the Choirs where 13 Million plus viewers watched and voted for choirs led by Kelly Rowland, Nick Lachey, Pattie Labelle, Michael Bolton, and Blake Shelton. 

Lindsey has appeared in Ebony Magazine and in a Wal-Mart commercial featuring Beyonce, and was even invited to perform at the Vatican in Rome.

In 2005, she appeared in her first major motion picture "Just My Luck" starring Lindsay Lohan. Lindsey Papion says, "My acting experience began in musical theater at a very young age. I wanted to explore the craft on a larger scale. I was like a sponge on set watching the entire cast and crew, from the director to the caterers. I wanted to learn as much about my first major motion picture as possible." Lindsey has now added motivational speaking to her resume. She is sharing her "Live Your Dreams" message [which you know that I - Sandi - can whole heartedly relate to! :-) ] with the masses! Currently, Lindsey and her husband King Tutt have created their latest project, Lost Sheep Follow Me @LindseyPapion, which (along with their children's cd) can be purchased exclusively from Lindsey's website at


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just briefly...

Experiencing some interesting challenges lately... Thought I'd share my current practice:

Live your Joy, people. Live your Joy as best you can in each moment, because you have no idea which moment will be your last... This is a simple, basic Truth. So, why NOT live your Joy? Why hold it off until some nebulous "when" in a future that may or may not come about? There is NOTHING stopping any of us from living our Joy in this "now moment" except our own thoughts and attitudes about this now moment. Hmmmmm... Something to contemplate, yes?

If you've got something "hooking" you into thinking you can't be happy right now... maybe it's time to release your own grip from that hook...? (If you'd like a better idea of what this means, you'll find a great description in Successfully MidAir, at

Friday, October 11, 2013

"An Experiment in Endless Possibility" Show Re-launch!

I am very proud and excited to announce that "An Experiment in Endless Possibility" was re-launched today! This recording is about forty minutes, and is well worth listening to, if I do say so myself. :-)

Presented in my usual "off the top of my head" way, it contains some invaluable "nuggets" that anyone can experiment with. Just check it out, see what you think you may find useful - or use-able - to you, and experiment with it.

And then it is my hope that you will leave a comment below about how it goes for you - how you, yourself, used it. What worked for you, how you tweaked it for your own use, etc.

The Purpose of this show is to provide tools for people to apply in their lives. Not only from MY perspective, but from YOURS, too. This show is meant to be a platform for diverse ideas, perspectives, and useful tools for transformation. It is NOT meant only to present my personal ideas, perspective, and tools.

So please have a listen, and then come back and share from your perspective, if you choose. The more people are willing to share, the more people will benefit, and that is what is in my Heart to provide with this new level of the show. Thank you!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"An Experiment in Endless Possibility" Returns!

Just a quick note to announce the return of my show, "An Experiment in Endless Possibility!" I'm excited to be getting back into it from where and who I am now... It's been three years, I think it's time! Tomorrow will be the re-launch, and then we'll just see what happens!

I'm in the process of lining up some really great guests, and creating a page here dedicated to the show, so please stay tuned. For now, below is a widget that you can livestream from, or join me on the Talkshoe page and join in on the chat. See link and show info below.

Tomorrow's topic: Willingness. "The key to actually receiving the big reward that is inherent in an intense challenge is found in the willingness to meet the challenge and allow it to move you to the reward. There is something to be said for not giving up." This quote is from Chapter Ten in Successfully MidAir - Tool #4: The "Problem" is NEVER the Problem! It is what I have lately been living... why not have a conversation about it? See you there!

Please join me Friday October 11, 2013 for the re-launch of "An Experiment in Endless Possibility!"

Time: 10:00am Pacific time / 11:00am Mountain time / 1:00pm Eastern time
Location: Your phone or computer
Web page:
Phone: 724-444-7444  Call ID: 76652  Just follow the prompts

It WILL be recorded, so you'll be able to listen later if you're not able to join in!



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Choose... Willingness

I Choose Unwavering Willingness
October 1, 2013

“The key to actually receiving the big reward that is inherent in an intense challenge is found in the willingness to meet the challenge and allow it to move you to the reward. There is something to be said for not giving up.”

            The above quote is from Chapter Ten in Successfully MidAir –Tool #4: The “Problem” is NEVER the Problem!
            I wrote those words over a year ago. I do not remember saying it that way, but I find myself today very grateful that I did.
            Today I choose to stand unwaveringly in that “willingness to meet the challenge and allow it to move me to the reward.” Unwaveringly. Firmly. Anchored in willingness. No matter how intense the challenge becomes, I choose to be willing to meet it and accept it as what it is… a necessary part of my own personal development and expansion, without which I would never be able to move.
            Does the above quote speak to you at all? What does it mean to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’d care to share them in the comments section below.

            I am in the process of re-uploading Successfully MidAir to the internet. If you’d like to read either the whole book or just this one chapter, you can find it at Links to the individual chapters are along the right side of the blog.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this particular post. Please share them below. Thank you!

Much love from Brighton, Colorado!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Choose... the Empowered Way

            Okay friends, please fill in the blank: “I can’t because…”
            Thank you.
            Now please look at your “because” and (be truthful) ask yourself if it’s a reason, or an excuse.
            Hint: If you have stopped looking for an alternative to it, it is no longer a “reason.” It has become an excuse.

            This morning I had an interesting bit of inner dialogue happen, and I’m feeling called to share it with you all. Maybe you’ll find something in it that you can use. This was a “conversation” between the me that is afraid of change (yes, even positive-feeling change) and the me that feels empowered and really ready for some things to change for the better. Here’s how it went:

            FM (Fearful Me): I can’t because… [and the list of “reasons” followed]
            EM (Empowered Me): Bullshit. Why don’t you just cut to the chase, own your own stuff, and say, “I’m choosing not to because…”?
            FM: [Lots of defending, justifying, complaining, and pleading my “I’m a powerless victim” case.
            EM: Knock it off. You are no victim. There is not ONE THING going on in your life that you couldn’t do differently if you chose to. [This is with regard to attitude and perception. Nothing can change on the outside as long as the inner work is ignored or avoided. Outer change is ALWAYS an inside job. It can’t happen any other way.]
            FM: But…!!
            EM: How much do you want the positive change that you claim you want? Why don’t you start by being truthful with your own dang self?! Rather than saying, “I can’t because…,” be honest and say, “I am deliberately choosing not to, because I am afraid of what will happen – of who I will have to become – if this works out well for me.” This can ONLY end your pattern of self-sabotage – which is all the “I can’t because” attitude is, isn’t it? When you take ownership and make it a deliberate choice to either move in the direction of what you say you want or stay where you are right now (without justifying or defending your choice. Just letting it be what it is.), you remove all of the power from your BELIEF that your “I can’t because” is valid… And you place that power right where it belongs – fully, deeply, within your own heart, hands, and ability to create whatever you choose to create in your life.


            I’m just going to leave it right there and let you decide what you will do with it. I’m just being the messenger here. You get to choose how – or even if – you receive it.

            For myself, and anyone who cares to join me in this:

            Today I choose to be authentic, and to make my choices from the inside… from the deepest part of me that knows the full truth that lives at the root of each individual choice. I choose to fully and completely own each choice that I make, whether that choice seems to serve me or not, because I know that if I’m standing fully in it I can make a choice to change it at its core. Or I can let it be what it is until the time comes that I DO feel ready to change it. And when that time comes, I know I’ll be able to do it the right way… the Empowered Way.

Love to all of you from Brighton, Colorado.

Be well,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Standing at "Rock Bottom"

Rock Bottom

I stand at the bottom of the spiral
Looking up at its whirling flow
I see Pure Potential above me
And solid bedrock below

“Rock bottom” is not a bad place to be
It’s a place to make a new start
To let go of what has been before
To accept, with a wide-open heart

Single-mindedness does not serve me at all
It keeps me from seeing clearly
The fullness of all that is offered to me
While I LOSE what I hold onto so dearly

That brings me to this “rock bottom” place
Where all that’s Possible shines
I look up with wide-open wonder
As letting go reveals the Divine

Rev. Sandra Anne Daly
July 24, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Choices...

"Work with the people who deserve it -
not the people who NEED it."
Jim Rohn

Anybody who knows me knows that I was a victim for the first 34 years of my life. I was abused as a child, and I learned very thoroughly during those years that I was MEANT to be a victim and that I could never be anything else. As a teen and a young adult I desperately, desperately wanted to be loved, while not believing for a second that I was worth loving.  So what kind of men do you think I consistently got involved with? Yep. The ones who had no idea how to love another person in a healthy way.

During those years I got hurt. A lot. And I whined and complained to everyone I knew about how miserable my life was and how much I wished it could be different and better. (Yes, I was very much the Drama Queen.) Every once in a while someone would try to help me, but that never lasted for very long...

And then in 1999 - when I was 34 - I had a thought that I had never had before. And it caught my attention because it was so DIFFERENT from what I was used to thinking. That thought was, "There has GOT to be a better way for me to live than this!" The difference being that any time before that summer that I had a thought like that I would immediate squelch it as an impossible thing. THIS time, though, something in me decided to be willing to believe that it could be possible. I stayed in that willingness to believe for the next several weeks as I actively looked for that "better way" with the willingness - no, the INTENTION - to find it.

And on September 19, 1999 I DID find it, in the form of some tools and principles that I could actively and purposefully apply, right in the midst of whatever unpleasantness was happening (up to and including cowering in a corner protecting my face from a beating). I applied those tools and I changed my life from the inside out.

Now here I am 14 years later, and I've come across the above quote by Jim Rohn and - oh boy - do I get what he means. I NEEDED help all throughout those years. It wasn't until I was willing to do the work for myself, though, that I became DESERVING. People who NEED help...  are completely UNhelpable. It is not until a person is willing to change the way they do AND perceive things that they become "helpable."

I guess I've been going about this all wrong. Well, maybe not ALL wrong. I want to help the people that I can see are living their lives in pain. I guess the ones who DESERVE my help are the ones who are willing to stop complaining about how awful their life is and start making different choices FOR THEMSELVES. Those are the only people that any of my work is ever going to be helpful to anyway. The ones who are saying, "There's GOT to be a better way to do this!" And are willing to believe that "better way" actually exists. And are willing to LIVE that "better way" when it presents itself to them.
(That is really the key...)

So what WAS the "better way" that presented itself to me when I decided to be willing to believe that it existed? I could write a BOOK about that experience!

Oh wait! I HAVE written TWO books about it! LOL

Just kidding! That "better way" is actually the topic of Episode 1 of my new show, which I launched just a little while ago.

The link to the recording is just below... Take a listen if you choose to, and be ready to receive some tools that - should you CHOOSE to - you can apply right in the middle of whatever you're experiencing... and change your life for the better, from the inside out.

Love to you all!

Rick and Sandi

Here's the link to the recording:

Audio Recording: 'EPISODE1 - Choose Your Universe: In the beginning' From 'Choose Your Universe'

Your comments are very welcome! Let me know what you think! :-)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Mastery Over Misery" 3-Call Series - Call #3

"MASTERY OVER MISERY" Series - Call #3
"Harness the Power of Your Mind
Create the Life You WANT!"

You know what each of your five physical senses are, right? Well, did you know that (and this is a FAR more important thing to know!) you ALSO have SIX FACULTIES of your MIND??? Every human being on this planet has these six mental faculties, and they are meant to be used deliberately by us to create our own best life! They are TOOLS to be purposely used to navigate our way through the circumstances, conditions, and situations that show up in every individual's life on Planet Earth.

Did you also know that your life is supposed to be FUN and JOYFUL and AMAZING??? The more you practically apply these tools - which are easily available and accessible to you any time you choose to remember that you have them - the more you will find yourself deliberately directing your experience of your life to where you want it to be.

In school we are taught how to read, write, and remember. If you would like to also know how to purposely create the life you want to be living through deliberately directing your own powerful, fabulous mind, then this is the call for you!

Join me for this 1-hour tele-seminar on Tuesday July 30, 2013 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm (Mountain time) and by the end of that hour you will have been introduced to each of your six mental faculties AND how to USE them to create the life you WANT.

Only $15.00, and the recording WILL be made available to you!

Call-in info will be sent to you after you register here:

PS: This is the third call in a 3-call series. They are $15.00 each, or $30.00 if you register for all three.

Call #1: The "Problem" is NEVER the Problem!

Call #2: How to CHOOSE Mastery Over Misery

Register for all three calls and receive the reduced rate right here:

PPS: No worries! If you're not able to make all three calls, so long as you are registered for all three you WILL receive access to all three recordings.

"Mastery Over Misery" 3-Call Series - Call #2

"MASTERY OVER MISERY" Series - Call #2
How to CHOOSE Mastery Over Misery

Sooooooo.... HOW - exactly - DO you just choose Mastery, when what you are FEELING is Misery?

Join me for this 1-hour tele-seminar on Tuesday July 23, 2013 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm (Mountain time) if you'd like the answer to that question. You will receive some very real and specific tools that you will be able to practically apply in the midst of ANY circumstance that feels "miserable" (or even just mildly irritating) to you, and you will never feel like a victim of your circumstances again. You know that "thing" that happens in your life that makes you feel bad, irritated, angry, sad, etc.? It will never have that power over you again.

Only $15.00, and the recording WILL be made available to you!

Call-in info will be sent to you after you register here:

PS: This is the second in a 3-call series. They are $15.00 each, or $30.00 if you register for all three.

Call #1: The "Problem" is NEVER the Problem!

Call #3: Harness the Power of Your Mind to Create the Results That You WANT! 

Register for all three calls and receive the reduced rate right here:

PPS: No worries! If you're not able to make all three calls, so long as you are registered for all three you WILL receive access to all three recordings.

The "Problem" is NEVER the Problem! Ever.

The "Problem" is NEVER the Problem!

Do you have a person or situation in your life that feels like a "problem" to you? What if you could see that person or situation in a different way? (Hint: That is the ONLY way you are ever going to get it to feel like something OTHER than a problem.) This audio recording is about helping you to understand that what you think of as a problem is never - EVER - the actual problem. And once you find out what the REAL problem is... your problem disappears! Always. No exceptions.

The information on this recording is only for you if you would like to get your problems under control. If you're not interested in that, don't purchase this recording

If you ARE interested in that, then this recording is available to you for just $15.00!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Everything Happens For A Reason: How to LIVE the Truth of this one idea...

Thursday July 25, 2013 In-person Class

Everything Happens For A Reason:
How to LIVE the Truth of this one idea...

(and feel the relief that comes with truly understanding what it means.)

Have you ever had somebody say to you, "Everything happens for a reason!" And how helpful did you find that "assurance?" My mom used to say it to me, without being able to explain to me either how that could be, OR how she could be so sure of it. And that used to drive me bonkers. In fact, she said it so often - and always about things that were really quite painful - that I came to actually resent those words whenever she said them. And then she died. Suddenly. At only 51 years of age. And guess what happened. My Great Aunt Myrtle (my father's aunt) said to me, "Everything happens for a reason!" And that just pissed me off. When I cried, "WHAT REASON????!!!" She could only say, "...I don't know..."

That was when I began to truly HATE that five-word sentence. I think that often, when someone says those words to a person who is struggling, it's because they want to help but they don't know how, and "Everything happens for a reason" is an easy sentence to say and that's truly as helpful as they know how to be in the moment. The trouble with it, though, is that most people find that it only adds to their pain when someone who is not having the same experience says it to them. (And it doesn't matter one bit what the situation is - something that feels big or something that feels little. It could be a diagnosis, a car accident, loss of a loved one, loss of a business, a missed opportunity, a fire in the kitchen... whatever.)

What my mom and my Auntie Myrtle (and probably most of the people on this planet) didn't know, though, was that "Everything happens for a reason" is only PART ONE of the sentence! There is a PART TWO that not only makes it make complete sense, but that can be practically APPLIED in any circumstance to bring us to a feeling of relief and empowerment!

If you're in the Denver metro area and you would like to learn more, please join me on Thursday July 25, 2013 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and as we add the second half of the statement, we'll explore the true depth of meaning in the idea that, "Everything happens for a reason..." Yes, everything really DOES happen for a reason! Join me and find out what that really means.

PGA Superstore (in the meeting room back by the tennis courts)
9451 East Arapahoe Road
Greenwood Village, CO 80112

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm - bring your dinner in with you if you'd like!
Cost: $35.00 if pre-paid online - $45.00 at the door


Purchase this class AND "Master Your Moment - Master Your Life!" (presented at the same location on Thursday August 8, 2013 - see below) together and receive a significant discount on both classes! Just $50.00 for both!

Click this button to purchase the "Everything Happens For A Reason..." Class

Click this button to purchase both classes together and get a SIGNIFICANT discount!

If you are NOT in Denver, but would like to learn more, I will be hosting a telephone follow-up group, the purpose of which will be to help those in the class to integrate this information into their daily experiences. You are most welcome to join us for that if you'd like!