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Everything Happens For A Reason: How to LIVE the Truth of this one idea...

Thursday July 25, 2013 In-person Class

Everything Happens For A Reason:
How to LIVE the Truth of this one idea...

(and feel the relief that comes with truly understanding what it means.)

Have you ever had somebody say to you, "Everything happens for a reason!" And how helpful did you find that "assurance?" My mom used to say it to me, without being able to explain to me either how that could be, OR how she could be so sure of it. And that used to drive me bonkers. In fact, she said it so often - and always about things that were really quite painful - that I came to actually resent those words whenever she said them. And then she died. Suddenly. At only 51 years of age. And guess what happened. My Great Aunt Myrtle (my father's aunt) said to me, "Everything happens for a reason!" And that just pissed me off. When I cried, "WHAT REASON????!!!" She could only say, "...I don't know..."

That was when I began to truly HATE that five-word sentence. I think that often, when someone says those words to a person who is struggling, it's because they want to help but they don't know how, and "Everything happens for a reason" is an easy sentence to say and that's truly as helpful as they know how to be in the moment. The trouble with it, though, is that most people find that it only adds to their pain when someone who is not having the same experience says it to them. (And it doesn't matter one bit what the situation is - something that feels big or something that feels little. It could be a diagnosis, a car accident, loss of a loved one, loss of a business, a missed opportunity, a fire in the kitchen... whatever.)

What my mom and my Auntie Myrtle (and probably most of the people on this planet) didn't know, though, was that "Everything happens for a reason" is only PART ONE of the sentence! There is a PART TWO that not only makes it make complete sense, but that can be practically APPLIED in any circumstance to bring us to a feeling of relief and empowerment!

If you're in the Denver metro area and you would like to learn more, please join me on Thursday July 25, 2013 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and as we add the second half of the statement, we'll explore the true depth of meaning in the idea that, "Everything happens for a reason..." Yes, everything really DOES happen for a reason! Join me and find out what that really means.

PGA Superstore (in the meeting room back by the tennis courts)
9451 East Arapahoe Road
Greenwood Village, CO 80112

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm - bring your dinner in with you if you'd like!
Cost: $35.00 if pre-paid online - $45.00 at the door


Purchase this class AND "Master Your Moment - Master Your Life!" (presented at the same location on Thursday August 8, 2013 - see below) together and receive a significant discount on both classes! Just $50.00 for both!

Click this button to purchase the "Everything Happens For A Reason..." Class

Click this button to purchase both classes together and get a SIGNIFICANT discount!

If you are NOT in Denver, but would like to learn more, I will be hosting a telephone follow-up group, the purpose of which will be to help those in the class to integrate this information into their daily experiences. You are most welcome to join us for that if you'd like!

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