Friday, April 11, 2014

What to do about a "button pusher"

Hello, my wonderful friends and family, and a very happy Friday to you all!

The following message and question have been inspired by an experience that I had last week... May you find it as useful and freeing as I have.

So... Last Thursday morning I set an intention to be more loving. Oh boy. All it took was making that a serious intention and (BAM!!), three hours later a "sacred friend" showed me exactly where I, myself, was being the least loving...

Don't get me wrong. It FELT ugly and painful and like this person was being deliberately obnoxious and hateful. And it felt like she was doing it TO me.

However, I believe that because I had set that intention that morning, I was subconsciously (or maybe "super-consciously") willing to see her behavior as a 100% accurate reflection of a sub-conscious program from which a lot of my behavior has been expressed throughout my life, but which I had NEVER recognized as my own. Wow.

It was an ugly-feeling circumstance, but because I am who I am and I've been doing this inner work for so long - and because I've been so IN the Successfully MidAir material lately, I knew exactly what to do. And what was that? In this experience of feeling powerless, which was how her behavior was making me feel, it was the application of Tool #5 - P.O.W.E.R.

Again, don't get me wrong. As it says in the description of Successfully MidAir: "These tools are meant to be used in the moment, not to change your circumstances (or another person's behavior) - because that is not possible - but to change who you ARE in those circumstances, which cannot help but to change things for you!" I knew that my work was not to get my friend to knock it off. No. My work was to be responsible for my own feeling of powerlessness in that situation. Whooooeeeeee! It did take some deliberate work, but I did it because I knew there was a big Gift in this for me.

Thirty minutes in, I had one of the biggest ah-ha's about myself that I've ever had in my life. And I am changed because of it. That particular button has been short-circuited. In my willingness to SEE it for what it really was, I broke it. [Please make a note of it: She was NOT the problem. She was the reflection of the problem, which was something in me.] And now, I feel so empowered to know that that button may still get pushed from time to time, but now I know it's there, and it will NEVER be the source of my behavior for any length of time again.

So here's the question: Do you have a person or a circumstance in your life that "pushes your buttons?" Well, guess what. The way that makes you feel is about YOU. It is NOT them! Those are YOUR buttons, and you can deactivate them any time you choose to. But first you have to recognize them as yours. As long as your attention is on blaming "them" for pushing your buttons, you are powerless to do anything about breaking - or deactivating - your buttons. And until you do that, you will always feel yourself to be "at their mercy," and powerless in your own life.

In reality, though, you are not at THEIR mercy. You are at your own.


This week I choose to remember that my work is to deactivate my own buttons. It is NOT my work to stop others from pushing them! One of the most empowering things I've ever done for myself is to know that I own my own buttons, and that I can break them at will. And this week I will deliberately use Successfully MidAir Tool #5 to do so!

:-) Join me if you dare!


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