Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finding the Blessing in the Bullsh*t

Hi friends!

So orders were placed for Successfully MidAir and the first batch of books have been sent out. THANK YOU to all of you who have a) shown your support of me and my work by making that purchase and/or b) seen something of value for yourself in it and purchased it for that reason. Either way, I appreciate you all and I'm looking forward to beginning the group coaching here in a couple of weeks. (I'll send info about that in a couple of days.)

In preparation for the book study/coaching, I have dived into the book, myself, and - yep! - it's still awesome material! :-) Also, several days ago I was going through and cleaning out my "big" computer, which is about to croak on me, and I came across the video below. I had forgotten all about it and when I watched it, I was tickled about how good it is, so I decided to share it here.

As I was "diving in" to Successfully MidAir, the following sentence really jumped out at me as a good accompaniment to the video. I'm happy to share them both with you here.

"I discovered something very significant during my Pop Your Paradigm experience: The only thing that ever made me a victim was my belief that I was being victimized." 

This was a HUGE realization at the time, and it is as true now as it was then. And it's as true for you as it is for me. And true personal empowerment lives within this one little bit of knowledge. Click the following link and watch the video and I think you'll see what I mean.

Finding the Blessing in the Bullshit. 

And, as always, have an awesome day if you choose to!

Love Sandi

PS: Successfully MidAir is now available for Kindle! Yay! I know a lot of you prefer that to paper books nowadays... so there you go! :-) (See below for that link)

Okay, regarding Successfully MidAir... If you would like a SIGNED copy, please use the appropriate link just below.

For shipping IN the United States:

For shipping OUTSIDE the U.S.:

If it doesn't matter to you whether it's signed or not, you'll get your copy faster if you purchase right here.

AND, if you're a Kindle person, get your Kindle edition right here.

For a description of the book, just scroll down... Thank you!

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