Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good-Bye Facebook, Hello Immediate Surroundings

So yesterday morning I found myself on Facebook, looking to see what interesting and wondrous things are happening around the world. And, of course, I found stuff.

But then, right in the midst of getting "sucked in" to Facebook, I found myself asking a question... Why do I feel like I have to go to FB to find interesting and wonderful things to see? I wondered what would happen if I would, instead, get off the computer and look around in my own moments. I wondered what I would see if I would set my smart phone down and look into my own surroundings for things to appreciate, love, and be entertained by.

And - oh boy - have I ever found stuff!

These last two days I have discovered - please pardon the cliche' - a whole new world, right here in my own life. I've been deliberately and consciously looking at the world with new eyes and the "beginner's mind," asking myself, "What would I think of this if I had never seen it before?" And I am experiencing things in a whole new way. Quite literally. From balancing my checkbook, to drafting a new Circle K store at work, to washing the dishes, to noticing the amazing variety of plant life during my morning walk, to e-mailing a friend, to being fully present as I'm petting one of the dogs or watching a movie with my husband. It all looks and feels different as I'm doing every bit of it on purpose, with purpose. And I find that I really do have an amazing, full, rich, and truly wonderful (wonder-full) life.

I must say that it feels amazing to be looking out into the world in my immediate vicinity, and REALLY noticing what is right here with me, rather than having my attention glued to a Facebook news feed.

Now, I'm not saying I'm never going to log in to Facebook again. But I AM saying that I have discovered that it is SO worth it to me to take my social media time down to a minimum and to turn my "real life" time UP a whole buttload of notches!

Try it for yourself if you choose to... I highly recommend it! :-)

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