Tuesday, September 16, 2014


So fifteen years ago today I had NOT had my big "Ah-ha" yet. I was still a victim and I still had no idea about how profoundly powerful REAL "personal responsibility" really is. I was miserably unhappy and I was wondering why I had ever been born.

There was no way I could know that in just three days my whole way of "doing" my life was going to change. There was no way I could know on THIS day that in just three days I was going to discover just how powerful I really was in that circumstance.

On this date fifteen years ago... All I knew was that I was willing - consciously, deliberately willing, for the first time ever in my life - to believe that a different kind of life was possible for me.

It brings me such joy to look to this piece of my history and watch those last few days unfold in my mind's eye. From here I can see what was just ahead of me there, and I am very, very grateful that I persevered with that simple willingness to believe in possibility. 

That was my very first "Open Moment" experience and I can still remember how it felt... To be in a life that truly, truly sucked and just... be... willing.

And this is why the Open Moment is Tool #1 in Successfully MidAir. I quite literally owe my life - and my current healthy happiness - to it.

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