Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Choose Your Universe excerpt

I (finally!) completed the editing of the new version of Choose Your Universe this morning. Yay!

When I read the following paragraphs from my current mindset, attitude, and perception of the way my life is right now, it struck me that the idea expressed in those three paragraphs is AMAZING in its applicability!

So I thought I'd share. :-)


Choose Your Destination

You deserve to end up where you want to end up. Where do you want to end up? And how strong is your desire to end up there? Do you want it enough to do the work of remembering to pay attention to where you are in the moment, and then to shift your direction as necessary IN THAT MOMENT?
            If peace is your goal, is your current mindset and behavior going to take you there? If a healthy relationship is your goal, are your current perceptions and actions going to take you there? If prosperity is your goal, is your current thought and attitude about money going to take you there?
              What IS your chosen destination? You deserve to reach it, my friend, and it is the actions and attitudes of who you are right now that are either going to take you there, or are going to keep you from getting there. 


Remember: YOU are the creator of your own experience. YOU are the pilot that will take you to your own destination. The question is, have you chosen a destination for yourself and are you willing to stay on course toward it? 

Or are you just blowin' aimlessly in the wind, being bounced around by default?

Where do you want to end up? You DO deserve to get there. And you are COMPLETELY capable of reaching your destination.

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