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I Choose... My DESIRED Content

I Choose… My DESIRED Content

So imagine that there is a “Book of Your Life,” and that it stands open in front of you right now. All of the pages on the left are full, with each individual page representing a day of your life. Each page tells of who you were being in each moment. What your behavior was. How you treated each person you came into contact with. How you treated yourself. Your thoughts about others. Your thoughts about your life. Your thoughts about yourself. Any and all attitudes and actions that you took, whether they moved you in the direction of your ultimate Life in this human experience, or whether a different direction was taken. Every bit of it was recorded, one page for each day since the moment of your birth into this Life.

The page on the right is only partially filled, and it tells of who you have been today, up until this very moment…

This morning begins page 18,645 in my own personal Book of Life. There are only a couple of sentences written on it so far. My question to myself is, at the END of today, when I lay my head down on my pillow, what do I want the content of this page to be? Do I want it to say pretty much what the last thousand pages say? Or do I want it to tell of goals achieved and new ones set? Do I want it to tell an angry tale of frustration and self-pity and disappointment and dissatisfaction? Of low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and the self-sabotaging choices that are always an inevitable result of feeling that way about myself? Or do I want it to tell a joyful story of love and adventure and confidence in my own abilities and worth? Do I want it to tell a story of bitterness, hatred and revenge? Of courage and strength? Of judgment and criticism? Did I listen deeply to myself and others today, and respond from my heart? Or did I live in distraction, not present, oblivious to the really important stuff? What if, at the end of this day, this page is filled with a story that includes gratitude and compassion and forgiveness and being truly present in each moment? What if it contains a sincere and heartfelt acknowledgment of the value of truly deep connection with others? What if it tells of expansion, accomplishment, and realized Dreams?

I get to choose what is written on this page. And I also get to remember that once today's page is written I can't go back and make it say anything other than what it says. And whatever it says will be the truth of who I BE'd today, because the choices that I make are always—NO EXCEPTIONS—an infallibly accurate representation of WHO I AM BEING in the moment that I make them.

Hmmm... It's time for this book to start being meaningful, rather than saying basically the same thing on every page. Who wants to read a book that says the same thing on almost every page?

Today really is number 18,645 for me. When I sat down and actually did the math, it struck me just how much of my life is lived by default. And it is lived by default for the simple reason that it's comfortable to live a "same s**t different day" kind of life, even if that life doesn’t feel very good.

"Same s**t different day" is a choice. And it's one that I am done making.

I Choose… My DESIRED Content

This week I am very aware that “the page” is neutral. It doesn’t care one way or the other what gets written on it. I choose to remember that each page holds an accurate accounting of who I am BEing… right now, and right now, and right here, and right now. Am I being the person who is living a life of love and expansion and willingness to grow? WHATEVER gets written down in the Book of My Life is completely up to me. It’s about who I BE in each moment. It is NOT about other people or circumstances that I would like to blame for my behavior or my attitudes. No. It is documenting my responses to those things and people. My question to myself this week is this: When I come back and check out what I was doing and who I was being on THIS day, am I going to like what I see written here?

It tickles me to think of looking back at this page from two or three years down the road, when I am fully living my Dream, and saying, "Ahhhhh... THAT is who I was that day, and THOSE are the thoughts I held in mind and the attitudes and actions that I took that contributed to getting me here, to THIS life that I love so much!"

Imagining this for myself makes distraction, procrastination, blaming things outside myself for my results, and the excuses that "I can't because..." not only a non-issue, but not even an available option. I get to choose how I live this day, and as I do, the page will be "written" accordingly. And tomorrow, today will be a piece of my history that I will never be able to live again. I intend to look back on it and be able to say, "Good job! Nicely done!"

As always, I encourage you to place yourself in the “I” position when reading this. What do you want today’s page to say about YOU in YOUR Book of Life? And if you don’t like what your previous pages say about who you’ve been in the past (up to and including five minutes ago), I REALLY encourage you to say, “No. That’s who I’ve been up until now. Now I make a different choice.” And then let your history BE your history. Because that is all it is. It is never too late to start creating the life you want, and it is never too late to start BEing the person you would like to become, no matter where you are or what you happen to be living right now.

Here’s to all of us “writing” truly awesome books! Books that show us to be people who are awake to the fact that we are always deciding who we want to be in our world, no matter what our circumstances appear to be. Books that tell of love, and adventure, and compassion, and gratitude, and forgiveness. Books that show that we are people who can let go of littleness in favor of the bigger, more expansive life that is always calling us to live “at the green and growing edges of our own becoming.”

Have fun, my friends!


Have an awesome day if you choose to!

Rev. Sandra Daly

“Speak your Soul into this space.” Em Claire 


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"Baby Steps: Ending Domestic Abuse"
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