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I Choose... Goliath (again)

I Choose... Goliath (again)

Hi everybody!

I’ve found myself coming back to this idea over and over again this last week (yes, I do actually USE these messages, myself) and I figure that since I am finding it useful, you probably will too, even though if you’ve been with me for a while you saw it last July when I originally sent it out. Here you go, and may you find it as helpful as I have during the last week.

Please note: This story is an allegory. It’s a metaphor for how we “do” a challenging situation, and Goliath does NOT represent the challenging situation. Goliath represents our own doubts about our ability to handle the challenge in a way that will get us past Goliath and to the result that is important to us.

Here we go.


Today I want to talk about one of my favorite Bible stories, the meaning that it holds for me, and how I use it as I move deliberately in the direction of my Dream.

We all know the story of David and Goliath, right? Well, as my very first Teacher (Mary Manin Morrissey) says, “That is NOT the real name of the story! That is NOT what the story is really about!”
Let me just share the nutshell version of it right now: Jesse – an Israelite – had a bunch of sons, and three of them had gone off to prepare to fight in a war against the Philistines, who were physically much bigger people than the Israelites were. As the “start date” of the war approached, Jesse called his youngest son, David (a shepherd boy), to him. Jesse handed David a package and he said, “Go to the soldier’s camp and find your brothers and give them this food.”
       When David got to the camp, he found that something interesting – and scary – had been happening every day for the previous FORTY days. There was one Philistine – Goliath of Gath – who was far bigger than even the Philistines, which meant that he was gigantic compared to the Israelites. This giant of a man had a new idea for how to go about the war, and every day for forty days, at dawn and at dusk, he would step out into the middle of the valley where the coming war was to be fought and he would shout, “Let’s do this war differently! One of you Israelites come and fight me to the death, and the people of the winner will become slaves to the people of the loser.”
       Well, this guy was a gifted speaker who knew how to draw an audience in. As he spoke each dawn and each dusk, the Israelites would crowd in close to hear what he had to say. And each time he came to the part about fighting to the death, the Israelites would get freaked out and they would run and hide in the surrounding caves. The day that David arrived, he crowded in with the rest of them, and when they got freaked out and ran, he freaked out and ran, too.
       In the following days as David searched the camp for his brothers, he heard that King Saul had made an offer to his soldiers. The King had said, “To the man who will fight Goliath – should he win – he will receive these three things: Great wealth (land, gold, and horses), his family will never be asked to pay taxes again, and he will have my daughter the Princess’ hand in marriage.” Well, this caught David’s interest, and he began having conversations with the soldiers about the King’s offer.
       The soldiers – to a man – said that Goliath (the Obstacle) was too big and that David was stupid to even think he had a chance.
       David, however, said, “I don’t want to talk about Goliath. I want to talk about the Princess!” He cultivated a keen interest in the Opportunity that was being presented. He savored it. He spent time with the Princess in his imagination. So much so that Goliath, rather than being seen by David as a big scary awful thing that he was afraid to come face to face with, became the WAY that David was going to reach his Dream! (My friends, that last sentence is the most important idea that you will find in this email. Please read it again.)

And we all know the rest of the story. David faced Goliath, and Goliath fell. And David reached his Dream (the King's promise).

The point of this email is this: Without Goliath, the Princess would not have been possible for David. And what about this? Goliath made the Princess possible for every single Israelite soldier in that camp! It was only DAVID who chose to be more interested in the Opportunity than he was in the Obstacle. And to David, that Obstacle became something to be grateful for.

So what is your Obstacle right now? And what is it that stands right on the other side of it? Can you SEE that the Opportunity would not be available to you if the Obstacle wasn’t there? What would happen if you were to take the energy and attention that you currently have focused on your own personal Goliath and how big and strong and powerful he is, and place it, instead, on your Princess and how wonderful and worthy of your attention she is? What is your Obstacle? Are you willing to see the Opportunity that is inherent in it?
I Choose Opportunity

This week I choose to recognize my Goliath for what it actually is: A GRAND Opportunity to experience my own “Princess.” I choose to place my interest and my attention on what is on the other side of my Goliath. I consciously let go of my belief that my Goliath is “bigger” or more powerful than me, and I choose to be grateful that it has appeared… because if Goliath doesn’t present itself, neither does the Opportunity that comes with it.

What is the “Goliath” that you are dealing with right now? [Hint: It is NOTHING outside of your own thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about yourself and your life.] And what is the Opportunity that stands right on the other side of it? Join me this week, if you choose to, in being more interested in the Opportunity than in the Obstacle, while at the same time appreciating the Obstacle for the God-thing (the Good-thing) that it really is.

Just do it as an EXPERIMENT, and watch how your life – and how you feel about your Divine Obstacles – shifts to an experience that feels much better and more empowering than ever before. 

Have an awesome day if you choose to!
Rev. Sandra Daly

“Speak your Soul into this space.” Em Claire 

P.S.: So if the real name of the story is not “David and Goliath,” what is it? It’s “David and the Princess!” Or “David and His Dream!” Now apply this idea to yourself. What’s the name of THAT story? Is it, “Me and my Problem?” Or is it “Me and my Dream?” You get to choose. Always. And that choice will always determine your experience of any circumstance in your life.


Yes. I am STILL asking. WHY? Because if I give up on this, what right do I have to continue posting/sending out my "I Choose..." messages? I am going to keep asking for support on this new project until something happens. Because I KNOW that sooner or later, this will get shared with the people who feel Called/Inspired to contribute to the successful creation of it.

As you probably know, I used to live a 100% "victim" life. Why? Because I grew up believing that was "normal" and that it was the way my life was meant to be.

In August of 1999 - after 34 years of living a life of physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and spiritual abuse - I began the process of changing that belief and that way of life, and that process began with one simple thought.

"There's gotta be a better way for me to live than this."

I had never in my life even entertained the POSSIBILITY that there could be a different way of life for me, and when that thought showed up that August day I had no idea what to do with it. I did not believe it was possible for me to have a different life, because I could only see my entire life up to that point as proof that it was NOT possible.

But I stayed with that brand new baby thought, and I followed its lead. And my life changed.

Ten months later I made a SPECTACULAR leap of faith, and I left my domestic violence life behind me forever, and I have written three books about different aspects of that experience ("Choose Your Universe," "Pop Your Paradigm," and "Successfully MidAir").

But without those ten months of INNER work, leading up to that leap of faith, that "spectacular" experience would have ended not in a brand new, different kind of life, but with a re-creation of the old one, because I would have taken that leap within the patterns of belief that I had always lived.

I have recently come to recognize that the sharing of this "There's gotta be a better way..." part of my story will be incredibly valuable to those who are still "in it," and who are thinking some version of that thought for themselves but have no idea what to do next. I absolutely believe that my own experience was a part of my Purpose in life, so that - from here - I could create this program and share it with those who are currently existing in that type of experience.

That is what this GoFundMe request is for. I am currently working on this book/program that is meant to help those people who are currently living that kind of life, and who are ready to start entertaining some version of the thought that "there's gotta be a better way." (And SO MANY of them are! They just don't know what to do with it, so they sit either in complete disbelief, or in wishful thinking, neither of which will do anything to create any sort of healthy change for them.)

Leaving is not an EVENT. It's a PROCESS. My own experience taught me that. This book/program will provide:

1.  A clear, simple, easy-to-understand description of why "just leaving" doesn't work
2.  An understanding of how choosing to trust the "there's gotta be a better way" idea can successfully change a victim's life
3.  Several real and specific tools that can be applied within the life that is begging to be changed, for the purpose of really creating permanent change

This will be a book/program that is meant to be provided to men and women in shelters AND those who are still in relationship with their abusers and are looking for a way to live that experience differently, in a way that will have them feeling empowered within their experience, rather than stuck in it with nowhere to go.

I am asking for help in raising $20,000 to fund this project. Why? Because I feel - urgently - that NOW is the time for me to do this, and it is a program that is so worthy of funding because it is so desperately needed in our communities!

I turned 51 on Wednesday January 13, 2016. My mom - who lived and died as a victim - died when she was 51. And she died without ever finding out that there was another way she could have done her life.

I am living this year in her honor, and this project is dedicated to her memory. She tried SO HARD to change her life, but none of the things she did made a difference. And then she died. I did not change my own life until after she was gone, so she never got to see me happy or emotionally healthy.

This project is being created in her honor, and in honor of ALL of those men, women, and children who have died as a result of domestic abuse.

In honor of those who are gone, but FOR those who do NOT have to live and die that way!

This is YOUR opportunity to make a difference. Help me to help them. Please.

The funds raised here will go specifically toward the creation of this Heart Work, and I will be happy to account for where every penny goes, to anyone who asks for that accounting. I am so serious about this. It is my Purpose, and it is my Divine Calling, and I SO appreciate any and all assistance in helping me to bring it into reality!

Thank you so much!



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