Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Choose... Strong Roots

When you plant a seed, its growth begins FIRST with a root system, which is not visible at the surface. If you dig up the seed to see what's happening, you compromise and weaken the root system. But if you nurture, cultivate, tend to the soil in which the seed has been planted, with faith in the Law of Gestation, knowing that what you have planted will reveal itself at the surface when its root system is strong enough to support it, then what "sprouts" will be healthy and strong, too.

I have been enjoying last week’s “Book of My Life” practice so much that I am continuing with it. I find it to be a very powerful thing for me to imagine myself looking back on “this page” from a hundred or a thousand “pages” in the future. I find this practice to be very helpful as I work to stay focused on who I am choosing to be each day. Imagining a future version of me looking back on who I was today holds me accountable to myself and ensures that I will have no regrets, because I know that, today, I am doing all I can from where I am with what I have.  This means that when I look back on this day, I will be able to acknowledge myself either for being the person I intended to be, or taking the actions I promised myself I would take (or both!). And if I do NOT keep my word to myself, I can stand fully and firmly in knowing that I, myself, am the only one who can possibly be responsible for the content of THIS—or any—page in this “Book.”

So to continue in that same vein, this morning begins Page 18,652 in the Book of My Life, and when I look back on it in a year or two, it is my intention to read about the patience and love and appreciation that I poured into the "soil" in which the seeds of my Dream have been planted. A year or two from now, when I am living some version of my "harvest," I intend to look upon THIS page with gratitude for the seeds, themselves, and for my willingness on this day to allow them to germinate and become deeply, powerfully rooted. It is my intention to be able to clearly see, from there and then, just how powerful it really is to stand in faith, trust the process, and NOT allow my impatience to sabotage the potential awesomeness of the results that I’m expecting!

I Choose… Strong Roots

This week I pay attention to those times when I become impatient with “how long this is taking,” and whenever I get the idea that it could even possibly be helpful to dig up the seeds of my Dream, I stop myself! I pay attention to those times when it seems like “nothing is happening,” and I remember THIS message that is being sent out today.  I make the decision in those moments to let go of my impatience (my FEAR that my Dream isn’t happening!), and to place my attention instead upon purposefully allowing the roots to grow deep and strong. Because I know that the deeper and stronger those roots are, the more magnificent my “garden” will be when it does appear. I am grateful for the seed, and for my ability to nurture it with gratitude and faith.

What seeds have you planted lately? And how often do you find yourself afraid that nothing is happening beneath the surface of the soil? How many times have you dug it up to see what’s going on with it?

It will serve both you AND your Dream if you will, instead of sabotaging your Dream with your impatience, choose instead to nurture it, tend to it, cultivate the soil around it, and stand knowing that it WILL yield a harvest for you, but it will do it in its own time. Your harvest cannot happen right now for you simply because your fear needs to see some results. No. Your harvest needs to be allowed to become, in its natural, organic way. I encourage you to allow it all the time it needs to germinate and to grow deep, strong, healthy roots.

So whether you’re looking for a new job, working on getting funding for a project (as I am. Please see below if you'd like to help), ready for a new relationship, working on finding just the right clients that you’d like to work with, looking for your Dream home, etc… Notice when your fear that nothing is happening shows up and tries to drive you to dig up that seed. Just notice. Do not act on that urge. Instead, remember that there is a Universal Law of Gestation which cannot be rushed, and if you DO try to rush it, your harvest will be puny compared to what it could have been if you had been willing to stand in faith.

Don’t settle for puny. Cultivate magnificence, instead. It will be worth it to you when you look back on THIS page of the Book of Your Life. You will then thank yourself for being willing to trust this process and allow the roots of your Dream to grow strong and deep, because at that time you will be living your own beautiful harvest.

Trust the process. Trust the seeds. Trust yourself. And let your roots grow strong.


Have an awesome day if you choose to!

Rev. Sandra Daly
“Speak your Soul into this space.” Em Claire 


Here is a GRAND opportunity for you to make a difference in the world.
Yes, I am asking for help. Uncomfortable as it feels to me, I am asking. If you feel called to join me in this Grand Adventure in Purpose, here is an explanation of WHY I feel so drawn to get this book written and produced:
It is time. This book and program will help victims of domestic violence who are currently living in a state of self-hatred and feeling trapped to see and understand for themselves that "leaving is not an EVENT - it's a PROCESS." It's a process that can be applied deliberately, and I happen to be living, breathing proof that it's a process that WORKS.

This "Baby Steps Process" is crying out to be shared, and THAT is something that I cannot do without help from others such as yourself. This is requiring me to do my least favorite thing in the world, and that is to be vulnerable, stand naked before you, and ASK. And if you choose to help, thank you!!

What kind of help am I asking for? Financial. This project requires funding, and I know for a fact (and it IS a statistical fact) that every single person reading this either IS someone who can benefit from this project, or KNOWS at least one person who can benefit from this project.
This book is crying out to be written and made available! Please click the photo below if you feel inspired to do so. Thank you so much!

 "Baby Steps: Ending Domestic Abuse"
"Baby Steps: Ending Domestic Abuse"
GoFundMe campaign 
Photo: My mom and me.

PS: When I left my last abuser and my lifetime of domestic abuse behind, that EVENT was absolutely SPECTACULAR! And that is what my previous books have been about. This one will cover the nine months of work WITHIN that circumstance that helped me to become the woman who COULD live the culmination of that work in such a spectacular way! The PROCESS was so much more important than the event. Please help me to share this with those who need it the most right now. This is one way that you can make a difference if you feel called to do so.

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