Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just briefly...

Experiencing some interesting challenges lately... Thought I'd share my current practice:

Live your Joy, people. Live your Joy as best you can in each moment, because you have no idea which moment will be your last... This is a simple, basic Truth. So, why NOT live your Joy? Why hold it off until some nebulous "when" in a future that may or may not come about? There is NOTHING stopping any of us from living our Joy in this "now moment" except our own thoughts and attitudes about this now moment. Hmmmmm... Something to contemplate, yes?

If you've got something "hooking" you into thinking you can't be happy right now... maybe it's time to release your own grip from that hook...? (If you'd like a better idea of what this means, you'll find a great description in Successfully MidAir, at