Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What's your Theme for 2015? And does your current story support it, or contradict it?

The story that you tell about yourself BECOMES the life that you live. Not sure what story you tell? (most people do it unconsciously) Take a look at your life with the intention of paying attention to the story that you tell others - and yourself - about the way your life is. You WILL start catching yourself in the act of telling a story that perpetuates "the way your life is." And then it's up to you to nip it, right there in that moment, and shift it. Negative will gradually become more positive. Positive will become even better! THIS is how to properly use your own story as a tool that actually serves you, rather than keeping you stuck in living a "same shit different day" kind of life.

And let's just be clear here. The story that somebody ELSE tells about you - positive OR negative - is only true for you if you live in agreement with it! If it's positive, you CAN prove them right! If it is NOT positive, you do not have to prove them right! Nor do you have to prove them wrong!

There is an AMAZING amount of relief in just letting people tell whatever story they want to tell, and if we are included in their story in a negative way, we can recognize that THEIR story is not about US. It's about them and how they are choosing to perceive us. That's all. We never have to be emotionally invested in proving another person's perception of us to be right or wrong. That is nothing more or less than a waste of our time, energy, and attention.

If we feed another's story about us by living in agreement with it, it can only grow. If we push against another's story about us in an attempt to prove them wrong and get them to change their perception of us, they will only push all the harder, and it will grow.

Either way, we are handing our power to change our own life over to somebody else, which equals powerlessness for us.

I don't know about you, but I have no interest, whatsoever, in including powerlessness in my story. One thing I do like to do is sift and sort through the things that others say about me and deliberately pick and choose the things that feel good to receive. And yes, sometimes the good stuff is not easy to receive because it's not in agreement with what I believe about myself, so I always know that THAT is where my work is. It's an ongoing process, for ALL of us. The question is, what story about me do I WANT to be living? And then I must do the work of choosing it deliberately.

What story do YOU want to be living?

Choose that one deliberately. Tell THAT story (as gradually as you need to, degree by degree or fraction of a degree by fraction of a degree) until it becomes your habitual story about yourself. As you consistently tell your story the way you want it to be, with a willingness to LIVE that story, you WILL begin to see evidence of it appear around you in your life.

This time of year is a great time to begin doing this purposefully. What do you want your life to look like as 2015 progresses? And are you willing to change the story that you're telling so that it includes that progress? Or do you want to live a "same shit different year" kind of life... again?

You always get to choose. And you're the only one who can.

And you CAN! And I can, too.

2015 is going to be a FANTASTIC, FUN, EASY, PEACE-FULL year! And THAT is the foundation of MY current story. That's my Theme for 2015.

What's the foundation of the story that YOU are currently telling? What do you want your own personal "theme" for 2015 to be? Stand firm on that foundation. Tell your story with your theme always in mind, and it WILL show up for you.

Allow your story to serve you in this way. Use it like the tool that it is, and write it - paint it - sculpt it - sing it - build it the way you WANT it to be.

And have a Happy New Year, and an incredible, awesome, amazing "NEW" Year!!