Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Choose... Acceptance

A new "Experiment in Endless Possibility" begins

Hello everyone! It seems that... I'm back! :-)

As the 15-year anniversary of the day I left my domestic violence life behind approaches, I am being more and more powerfully "nudged" to start my "Experiment in Endless Possibility" show back up again. The content will be - as it was before - based on a weekly "I Choose..." which will be posted here and on my Facebook page, and will be our focus for the week prior to the show.  (See below for show info.)

And now, without any further ado...

I Choose... Acceptance
So there are quite a few controversial events happening right now, from the hate-induced shooting in the church in South Carolina, to Bruce Jenner's decision to become Caitlyn, to the weirdness being spewed by certain politicians and ministers (really? Executing all gay people will solve that "problem?" really? It's the VICTIMS' fault that that guy walked in there and shot them to death? really? It's a woman's fault that she gets hurt during a rape if she struggles against being raped (and even if she doesn't?). The last few days I have found myself feeling more and more anxious as I stand in judgment of what I see as just plain idiocy. This morning I made a new choice, and this will be my deliberate focus for the week. In fact, it was a version of this "Acceptance" practice fifteen years ago that helped me to become the woman who could climb on that bus and leave my old, painful life behind. It is entirely appropriate - and VERY meaningful to me! - for Acceptance to be the subject of the re-launch episode of the show.

Here is something I posted to Facebook this morning on this subject.

"Some people hate. It's a fact. Who am I to judge them? Doesn't that make me as intolerant of what I don't agree with as "they" are?
I'm making a deliberate choice this morning, to recognize this whole thing as an opportunity to know where I have my own work to do. The controversy (around several different current events) can serve as my Sacred Friend, assisting me in becoming a better and more loving person, myself.
I say, "Thank you, controversy, for this opportunity to practice deliberately choosing to BE the kind of person that I want to become." I am done with littleness. I am done with wishing others would change their behavior so that I can feel better when I look at them. Most of all, I am done with the feeling of constriction/contraction that I experience in my heart when I am judging another person as stupid or wrong or bad."

And that speaks beautifully to what I mean when I say "I Choose Acceptance".

This week, I choose to accept others exactly as they are, without judgment or condemnation. I choose to see any controversy as my Sacred Friend, who has appeared in my life to show me where I, myself, am not being loving or accepting of another. And I love feeling how my heart expands as I practice this deliberately.

Join me if you feel called to. Just do it as an EXPERIMENT, with the willingness to see what really is Endlessly Possible when we decide to respond differently than we normally would to something that triggers us.  And then tune in to the show on Friday. I look forward to seeing you there!

Have an awesome week if you choose to!

Rev. Sandi Daly

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