Saturday, September 13, 2014

About Personal Empowerment

The quote in the attached meme is not actually IN Successfully MidAir (except for my hand written note to myself on the title page of my personal copy), but it IS the purpose for which Successfully MidAir was written... to give the reader tools that they can apply right in the midst of their situation to deliberately create their own experience of their situation.

How do you perceive your world? You do get to choose, you know. And when you deliberately control your perception of the world, you will find that you ARE in control of your experience of the world.

Photo by Linda M Wilson

The instant that you figure this out for yourself, you will then understand that - whether consciously or unconsciously, whether deliberately or by default - you are ALWAYS the only one who can control your personal experience of the world.

I've decided to make this my "I Choose" for this week... I choose my PERCEPTION of my world, and in the purposeful choosing of my view, I know that I am also purposefully creating my own  individual and unique EXPERIENCE of my world.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says that "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." I know from personal experience - having deliberately applied that statement in 1999 for the purpose of changing my experience of an abusive relationship - that he is absolutely correct!!

THAT is what this week's "I Choose" is about.

Join me if you'd like. You have NOTHING to lose, and the life of your own choosing to gain.

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