Friday, April 22, 2016

I Choose... Breathing

I Choose… Breathing

So my inner drama queen is literally flipping out this week. Why? Because I’m not allowing that part of me to outwardly express itself. I am, instead, choosing to notice when it tries to express itself, what it is trying to accomplish with that expression, and how it is trying to make itself noticed and sympathized with. (And I must say, that last part is pretty icky—AND tricky—as it tries to disguise itself as something worthy of expressing.) It’s an interesting thing to witness, and to NOT act upon, for sure!

And that is all I am going to say on this subject except to ask you to consider this exercise for yourself. I guarantee that you will learn stuff about who you are, and about what keeps you stuck in those areas of your life in which you feel constriction, or that you keep creating over and over again.

I Choose… Breathing

This week I notice when my tendency is toward drama, and instead of expressing it, I choose to breathe my way through it. I do not push against it. I do not feed it with my thoughts or emotions. I simply breathe, and I watch as first it freaks out, and then it fades out. I find it very encouraging that it can’t last if I don’t fuel it.

This is not just a breathing exercise. It’s an exercise in personal empowerment and releasing ourselves from the agreements that we have made with struggle. It’s an exercise in choosing to sacrifice our drama so that we can experience emotional freedom. I highly recommend it.


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